China Supplier Modular/Elastomer Rubber/TST Bridge Expansion Joint

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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Modular/Elastomer Rubber/TST etc., Modular Q235 /manganese steel/Elastomer/TST/Flange etc.
Product name:
China Supplier Elastomer Rubber/Modular Bridge Expansion Joint
Bridge Road Joint device
CE/SGS/BV etc.
Special Expansion joint:
Bridge unit multi-directional displacement comb tooth plate seam
Factory environmental assessment:
Bridge road joint expansion
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Meter/Meters per Month Modular/Elastomer Rubber/TST Bridge Expansion Joint
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Modular/Elastomer Rubber/TST/Multi-shift Comb tooth plate Bridge Expansion Joint
packed on pallet in container
Lead Time :
Within 10 days - Bridge Expansion Joint

 Modular/Elastomer Rubber/TST/Multi-shift Comb tooth plate Bridge Expansion Joint

Modular Expansion Joint-  Bridge Expansion Joint

Structure, performance, installation method of Expansion Joint

GQF-C Type,GQF-Z Type,GQF-L Type,GQF-F Type,GQF-MXL Type Modular bridge expansion device is Adopted Shaped steel bridge expansion designed the overall shape of hot-rolled. GQF-C Type,GQF-Z Type,GQF-L Type expansion joint used in Bridge joints of 80mm amount of stretching, GQF-MXL Type expansion joint is made of Side beams, Mid-beams, beams and linkage that used in Large and medium span bridges of 80mm -1200mm amount of stretching.


Package Details:

Normally delivery cutted as 1-5m per piece packed by woven bag.

According to customer's requirement

1) Method & Purport of expansion joint

E.g.:  GQF  -  C   60Type   (CR)  stands for C Type, Displacement of 60mm

Rubber Class-NR;CR

Expansion Joint Amount off movement 0-1200mm

Type No. MZL stands for modular, link chain of stright beam: (C,Z,F,L)stands for steel shape.

Standard No.- GQF is transportation industry standards code


E.g. Chloroprene Rubber Type Expansion joint

GQF-F80 Type (NR) stands for F Type, amount of displacement 80mm Natural Rubber Type Expansion joint

GQF-MZL480 Type(NR) stands for MZL Type, amount of displacement 480mm Natural Rubber Type Expansion joint


2) Models & Suitable temperature

1.Chloroprene Rubber Type: -25 ℃ to+ 60 ℃

2.Natural rubber type: -40℃ ~ + 60 ℃


3) Design manufacture technology conditions

1. The design load: The JTJ01 - 88 (1995), "Highway Engineering Technical Standards" provides a super car --20 loading design.

2. Shaped steel material used for this structure dedicated 16Mn steel bridge, steel tensile strength of not less than 480Mpa, allow bending stress not less than 210Mpa.

3. The structure of branching horizontal beam use 16Mn or 45 steel, which allows bending stress of not less than 210Mpa.

4.The remaining parts of steel be used not less than 0235-strength steel.


4)Displacement GQF-MZL type telescopic device prominent feature is the load-bearing structure and displacement control system telescopic device separately, both when the force interfering, clear division of labor, so that both the protective security force, but also to ensure the force when uniform.


Retractable telescopic device[ Volume 0-80mm typical structure layout] 
GQF-C Type,GQF-Z Type,GQF-L Type  expansion joint is made of two side beams (C Type,Z Type,F Type ,L Type) and the rubber sealing strip composition. Its structure is simple, easy to install, suitable for stretching the amount of 0-80mm bridge. 

TST Expansion Joint - Bridge Expansion Joint

Seamless expansion joints adhesive material, also known as: "TST bridge expansion joints", "TST expansion joints adhesive material", which is a bridge expansion joint installation method developed by United Kingdom at the seventies. This is one type filler bridge expansion joint made by asphalt. Its basic construction principle is a narrow range deck pavement on seam replaced with a special high - elastic asphalt mixture materials. This high elasticity mixture of special asphalt and stone can absorb the bridge deck displacement produced by Load effect from temperature and traffic, while ensuring that the surface will not crack damage.


TST bridge expansion joints used stone should be used with angular, embedded with good hard limestone gravel, crush value of not more than 30%, flat and slender stone content of less than 15-20%. The stones must be cleaned, heated, and heated at a temperature of 100-150 ° C.

Main floor: 20 mm-40 mm

Surface layer: 5 mm-10 mm

Product Features:

Elastic restoring force is very high: to adapt to repeated temperature and load displacement.
Low temperature flexibility and high temperature stability are very good: not become brittle at -40 ℃, 80 ℃, does not flow in. Therefore, can be applied to all climatic zones China.
Temperature adhesion is good: strong bond with existing road construction, room a little too sticky, sticky after cooling will not be taken away.
Construction convenient, and flexible: skilled construction team (8-10) 30 linear meters per day GTF, TST joints, and can demi construction without blocking traffic.
Open Transport quickly: two hours after the adhesive material can be installed seamless joints open traffic, if accelerated cooling water, transportation can open an hour later.
Long life: in strict accordance with the requirements of the installation process seamless joints bonding material, its life expectancy is about twice the normal asphalt pavement.
Comfort is very good: Seamless joints bonding material can fully absorb shock and vibration of the vehicle, the vehicle passing smooth and comfortable.

Economic good: low cost.

Rubber Expansion Joint - Bridge Expansion Joint

Rubber Expansion Joints for Bridge for steel plate by a skeleton, bolted assembly segments, each 1m (can also be made of other sizes), junction with mouth-groove by deed. Internal stiffening plate to make such joints can withstand the load of all kinds of vehicles, with some vertical stiffness. Due to the incompressibility of rubber, a rubber plate specially shaped ridge stretching groove prevents upward compression joints.It have a framework, bolted assembly segments, each 1m ( other sizes can be made), and the junction with the deed mouth-groove. Internal stiffening plate to make such joint can withstand the load of various vehicles, with some vertical stiffness.Since rubber incompressibility, rubber plate specially shaped groove prevents telescopic joints swell up when compressed.


Product specifications: Model Size (mm) (L × W × H) 30 Type 1000 × 230 × 35, 45 type 1000 × 250 × 45, 50 type 1000 × 270 × 42, 60 type 1000 × 400 × 40 460

Other models can be customized production.

When the product is installed, a bottom bolt holes and joints per meter are filling adhesive coated, waterproof good.

This product is anti-aging, wear rubber processing, can withstand repeated loads of vehicles, long service life. Change, they are available when the new bridge construction.

Features :

Rubber Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is the flexible transformation when using high elasticity to adapt the change of temperature. And our Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint got good reputation of bridge engineering by its convenient installation, stable running, waterproof, dustproof, little noise, light weight, and low cost and other features.



Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used in Highway bridge decks, Service ramps, Multi- storey car parks and so on. Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used to prevent buildings or bridges appear some cracks because of climate change.

Other special expansion joints - Bridge Expansion Joint

-Combs expansion joints

-Waveform expansion joints

Bridge Expansion Joint - Certificate



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